Our story

Why we are creating Kanbii?

Current job application processes are unfair towards candidates and employers.

User Experience


of the candidates have stopped the application process because of bad user experience (complexity)

Takes too much time


of the candidates and employers spend more than 30 minutes per application or job ad creation

Lack of quality profiles


of the employers state that at least half of the applicants don't meet minimal criteria for the job

Biased employers


of candidates are being denied interviews because of bias

Our Vision

Kanbii is here to democratise the recruitment industry! It will make recruitment and job search fast, fair and friendly through a simple mobile application.

Meet the creators

What is your background and how did it lead you here?

Carlos Müller

Many many years in recruitment and talent acquisition.
Once in an interview someone asked me why I have not changed field in so many years (like if it would be bad to be in recruitment for so long), and the answer is very simple: I just enjoy this field!

René Lehmann

I was born in Venezuela and went to the Humboldt Schule.. ah, just check my LinkedIn Profile....

If you had one sentence to describe the recruitment world as it is right now, what would you say?

Carlos Müller

Overcomplicated, time-wasting, and not focusing enough on the candidate’s experience.

René Lehmann

Broken and wrong. Can I have a second sentence please? Thanks.
We are missing the fact that we are facing a candidate driven employment market. We are used to design our hiring tools and recruitment processes from the perspective of the employer but we should do the opposite.
Imagine there is one candidate available! How can you make sure to get that ONE candidate to apply for your job?

What keeps you up at night?

Carlos Müller

Probably the excess of coffee I drink during the day and figuring out how to make Kanbii the simplest available job marketplace.

René Lehmann

When FC Barcelona loses.

What drives you nuts?

Carlos Müller

When FC Barcelona loses
When someone mixes Whisky with Coca Cola
Job boards or career sites that ask people to upload a CV and then fill in a bunch of information that is already in the CV
People who like to keep the recruitment process complicated!

René Lehmann

Application Tracking Systems (ATS). The killer of candidate experience. Also CVs, they are often fake and don't ask me about motivation letters. I also go nuts for every new launch of hiring tool that makes recruitment more complicated or other Apps that claim to be like Tinder but then they ask for the CV after the second click or they charge you CHF 800 to post a job, Really? Crazy!!!!

What keeps you going?

Carlos Müller

Coffee, working with a motivated team, feeling that my job is actually my hobby, and knowing that a significant change on how people find jobs Kanbii made.

René Lehmann

Carlos will say 'coffee'.. ha ha.. honestly, right now?
The idea that we can truly make a difference and get so many advantages out of a quite simple App.. you tell what you offer, the other side tells what they need, you match, you connect, you might end up having a job or finding the right candidate. Quicker than you might get a date on Tinder (your picture might be a no go) I am so excited about this idea that I can't get no sleep....

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