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Find a job without a CV.

Match by skills

Find the right candidates or take the next leap in your career by swiping right.

Get hired or find your next employee by matching skills.


No CV required to create your candidate profile and to show your skills. No job description required to post your job offer and to show your requirements.


Matches are suggested based on the candidate’s skills and the ones required for the job. No bias - No personal information is shared before there is a match. Salary transparency.


Candidates and employers match as easy as swiping left or right.

You Kanbii part of the revolution

New Mindset

We believe in a candidate-driven market. Focus on the candidate experience. Putting employees and job seekers at eye level.


No more tedious, costly and time consuming application processes. Swipe your way to your next opportunity.


Only meet candidates who match your requirements. Only apply to jobs that require your skills.

When to use Kanbii?

When you are looking for a job ...

Don’t struggle to upload your CV and to create a profile

Find opportunities fast and easy

Exercise the power of choice

Match with potential employers in the blink of an eye

Skip the bias - during the matching process, the employer will only see objective information about you

Don’t hustle creating job advertisements

Just enter the skills and requirements you are looking for, and Kanbii handles the rest

Only review profiles that meet your requirements

Find candidates fast and easy

Maximise time and budget spent on traditional sourcing practices

When you are searching for a candidate ...

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