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Enjoy unlimited job postings with no time limits and connect instantly with matching candidates.
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Post job ads in under 2 minutes with no upfront costs.

Start connecting immediately with candidates who have matching skills.



Pay only for tangible results — no time-limited ads.

Post unlimited job ads for free.



Swipe through only the candidates that meet your skill requirements — no time wasted on irrelevant applications.


A Smarter Way to Post Job Ads


New Mindset

Say goodbye to time-limited job ads. At Kanbii, you can post your job until you find the perfect candidate without any additional cost.



Maximize your investment by paying only to connect with candidates after a match, which means there is mutual interest and alignment on skills. With Kanbii, you only pay for results.



Ensure a perfect match every time. On Kanbii, you only connect with candidates who meet your skill requirements. No more time-consuming irrelevant applications.

Candidates Love Kanbii!

With Kanbii’s skill-based approach and user-friendly design, candidates have rediscovered the joy of applying for jobs, making us the fastest-growing job-matching platform in Switzerland.

Say Goodbye to Limitations!

Embrace Speed, Efficiency, and Quality with Kanbii.

How does Kanbii compare to traditional job boards?

Fast registration and job ad creation
No upfront payment
Unlimited job ads
No time limit - advertise until you hire
Cost-efficient: Pay CHF 9.90 or less to connect with a matched candidate (depends on package)
Match by skills – bigger candidate pool
No irrelevant applications
Traditional Job Boards
Slow registration and complex job ad creation
Upfront payment required
Pay per job ad
Time limited job ads (usually 30 days)
Expensive: ~CHF 650 per month
Match by role name - limited candidate pool
Inbox filled with irrelevant applications

Why Use Kanbii?

Better Matches

Targeted Skill-Based Matching

Kanbii’s AI-driven platform ensures you connect with candidates who possess the exact skills you need, reducing the time spent on irrelevant applications.

Access a Broader Talent Pool

Discover candidates from various industries with transferable skills. For example, learn how skills from retail can seamlessly transition into hospitality roles.

Promote Fair Hiring

By prioritizing skills over personal information, Kanbii helps eliminate unconscious bias in the hiring process, fostering a fair and inclusive workplace.

Quick and Easy Posting

minutes with no upfront costs. Save time and focus on finding the right candidates instead of drafting and managing ads.

Unlimited Free Postings

Enjoy the freedom of posting unlimited job ads for free. No more worrying about time-limited ads or additional costs.

Pay Only for Results

With Kanbii, you only pay for successful matches. Invest in tangible results, not just job postings.

Efficient Job Ads

How to Start Posting and Matching


Create an account on our desktop application. Create account here


Create and publish your first job advertisement in under 2 minutes, with no upfront costs.


Start reviewing profiles with matching skills, then match and chat directly with candidates.

Get familiar with Kanbii

Tutorial 1: How to Create and Post a Job Ad with Kanbii

Tutorial 2: Matching with Candidates on Kanbii

Tutorial 3: Overview of Kanbii's Dashboard for Employers

Tutorial 1: How to Create and Post a Job Ad with Kanbii

Tutorial 2: Matching with Candidates on Kanbii

Tutorial 3: Overview of Kanbii's Dashboard for Employers

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